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Amazon is an amazing place to generate sales and find new customers. So, when Amazon rolled out Fulfillment by Amazon, giving customers free shipping and other perks, it made sense for eCommerce sellers to jump on board. But from a seller’s standpoint, FBA can be a pain to work with. The FBA guidelines can be exhaustive, especially if you’re a new merchant. And if the guidelines aren’t met, sellers can suffer costly consequences like fees and inventory rejection.
Save yourself time and worry by having GS Fulfillment handle all your Amazon order preparations

We’ll make sure every step of the fulfillment process meets Amazon’s exacting specifications, from labels to packaging to product condition. Then we’ll send the items on to the nearest Amazon fulfillment center. It couldn’t be easier.

Let GS Fulfillment be your partner in the US. With our shipping and packing services, real-time inventory tracking, and knowledgeable Amazon support, we’ll make sure you never have to worry about losing your spot in Amazon’s marketplace.

As a global logistics provider, we've spent years learning every corner and niche of e-commerce. We offer this Amazon Order Prep service to help all our merchants stay in good standing with one of their biggest outlets. Make sure every package you send out is up to standards. And when you keep your inventory in one of our storage centers, it’s easy to fulfill Amazon orders quickly and up to specification. Our fees are affordable and per item, so you don’t need to pay a flat rate. Pay for only those orders you actually need to be filled.

Packaging requirements are extensive when it comes to FBA, and more often than not, companies mess this up time and time again. GS Fulfillment’s dedicated teams are well trained on Amazon procedures and specifications. And you’ll be able to see every part of the process. Keep track of order sizes, dimensions, and weights. Get inventory consolidated on-site and save on international shipping rates. And always have a correct inventory count at your fingertips. We know the FBA—whether it’s labeling items with barcodes or repackaging returns, we’ll have your shipment Amazon ready, guaranteed.

Labeling to Meet FBA Guidelines

You download them, we’ll print them. Amazon requires a sticker for every item shipped. We’ll create labels, attach them to the shipment, and go through case pack items.

Transferring Product

All products from one of our fulfillment centers can be transferred immediately to an FBA center. We’ll prep, label, and box your items. And you’ll be able to see your inventory levels through our cloud-based portal so you can stay stocked from anywhere in the world.

Using FBA Prep Partners

Save money on shipping to faraway Amazon centers. Instead, use our national fulfillment centers to have your products FBA-prepped correctly and then shipped to the nearest Amazon distribution center, saving you time and logistical worry.

Services included with Amazon FBA Order Prep

  • Photo inspections
  • Quality checks
  • Organizing of sets
  • Box and bagged packing
  • Fragile item care
  • Expiration dates
  • Labeling

Using FBA Prep Partners

Have you heard of cross-docking? This efficient shipping process reduces the need for any long-term storage of your product

Simply have products directly shipped to one of our shipping agents. They’ll switch out labels, inspect, and then quickly send your items out for delivery to your customers. You can also have items consolidated for customers or have bulk containers broken up and shipped out to multiple destinations. Not only do you save on storage fees, but you also get to take advantage of GS Fulfillment’s great shipping discounts with its partners.

What We Do Differently

We didn’t invent fulfillment support, but we perfected it. Our powerful cloud-based technology brings order fulfillment completely into the Digital Age. And that’s on purpose. When we started GS Fulfillment, we didn’t want to just copy what other services were offering; we wanted to create something new and innovative. Our suite of software tools includes SKU mapping across multiple channels, automated mapping and bundling, API integration, and more. With GS Fulfillment, you can make changes to your inventory and product line any time, and never worry about redesigning your tracking and fulfillment flows.

Stay on Amazon’s Good Side with Compliance Support

There are lots of consequences in failing to comply with FBA guidelines. They can refuse your inventory, destroy it, or charge you penalty fees. At GS Fulfillment, we make sure your products are all FBA prepped before they ever hit the mail. Our team members are experts at what it takes to stay on Amazon’s good side, and our services come with a worry-free guarantee. Don’t fret over correct labeling or whether the repackaging fits standards. Let us handle all the FBA requirements for you.

Our Amazon Expertise and Competencies Will Help Your Business

Remember, you don’t have many chances to recover your Amazon account if it gets suspended for not adhering to all the rules and regulations of Amazon. Even a small mistake from your side can lead to negative feedback from your customers which lead to suspension of your Amazon seller account. It is so important to be wise and careful right from the beginning, because if your seller account gets closed because of low shipping performance, Amazon will not give you a second chance. You can be sure that your Amazon business will avoid many possible complications if you choose to prepare and ship your goods with GS Fulfillment. This is because we know what we are doing.

Whatever Your Packing Needs, We Have You Covered

At GS Fulfillment, we’re flexible to our customers’ needs in a way that many fulfillment service companies can’t be. Whether you’re consolidating and bundling items, or just separating bulk shipments, we’ll make sure your products look good and arrive safely. Our consultants can even help you source customized packaging, so you can make sure your items are getting there in one piece. The key is communication. You tell us what you need, and we’ll find a way to provide it.

Does Your Company Need FBA Prep?

Is it really worth paying a service to prep your products for Amazon fulfillment? For many smaller and medium-sized companies, not having to waste extra time worrying about prepping their products is worth it. But if you’re not sure, ask yourself if you experience any of the following:

You keep getting products sent back from Amazon

Having inventory sent back can be a huge waste of money. You’re paying for extra shipping, you’ve wasted time processing the item, and your customers end up unhappy, leading to negative reviews for you. Our FBA experts guarantee your inventory will be accepted.

Amazon Specifications are Eating Up Valuable Time

As a business owner, you understand that time is money. Don’t waste your employees' time and your resources focusing on Amazon’s rules. Concentrate on your business and let us do the rest.

Keeping Up-to-Date on Changing Rules is a Full-Time Job

Amazon is constantly changing its guidelines for vendors, and staying on top of the new specifications can be a full-time job. Many companies don’t have the manpower to dedicate to this, and when updates come down the line they may be missed. With different rules for everything from bundles to fragile items, our FBA consultants will make sure your product always complies with the most current regulations.

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