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Drop Shipping

Traditionally, when a customer places an order with a merchant, the product is sent from the manufacturer to the merchant, and then sent on to the customer. Drop shipping is a style of order fulfillment that takes out one of those steps. When an order is placed, you as the merchant merely facilitate the process, and the manufacturer can ship the product directly to your customer. It’s faster and can mean less damaged or lost inventory. It also allows your company to scale up fast—you can potentially process hundreds of more orders without having to worry about storage facilities or growing physical infrastructure. It’s a perfect method for eCommerce merchants.
Stop worrying about product development and logistics and concentrate on marketing and sales

Drop Shipping for Brands

As a brand owner, you are constantly looking for new channels to push your products into. When you work with GS Fulfillment, we’ll tailor a drop shipping platform to your brand’s individual needs. Work with more marketplaces and partner with more affiliates, without having to worry about scaling.

Drop Shipping for Online Vendors

When you’re an online vendor, your reputation is everything. Not only do you want the respect and repeat business of your customers, you always want brands to trust you and encourage partnerships. With GS Fulfillment’s customized drop shipping, your customers will be thrilled at the prompt service and fast shipments, and brands will love how much product you’re moving. And you’ll love how little inventory risk you have to take.

Drop shipping is the present and the future of online commerce, and our innovative software makes it easy, with packing and compliance support that really works. As customers become used to having thousands of more product options through online marketplaces, drop shipping has also become a crucial method for growing your e-commerce business.

Why Drop Shipping Works

When you’re just starting up your online business, money is always tight. Drop shipping means you don’t have to pay for a product upfront and risk that it may devalue or spoil. You only have to worry about sales, and the inventory part is handled.


No warehouse. No storage. All you need to get started with drop shipping is your retail space. And that lack of overhead boosts your chances of success.


There is a lot that can go wrong with products in storage. They can expire, spoil, or get damaged. Inadequate inventory and tracking tools can mean product may go missing or be unaccounted for. And if you change products, what do you do with all the old items? Drop shipping takes all of that out of the equation.


In fact, with no inventory to store or worry about shipping, after initial set-up your job becomes easy. Save on staff and shipping costs by never needing to touch the product yourself. All you need is a reliable supplier and a great online store.

Communicate in real time with your suppliers to give your customers the best possible experience. With GS Fulfillment, you can track and make changes to your supply flow easily.

• Change your products easily to stay current with customer demand.
• Give new products a trial period before committing to bulk inventory buys.
• Quickly add new products in batches.
• Change suppliers easily if inventory runs out.
• Expand your network of vendors and get them up to speed quickly with virtual onboarding.
• Always know exactly how suppliers are performing, with complete supplier performance reports.


Communicate in real time with your suppliers to give your customers the best possible experience. With GS Fulfillment, you can track and make changes to your supply flow easily

Build a Professional Reputation You Can Be Proud Of

With GS Fulfillment, you can deliver reliable, consistent performance to both your suppliers and customers. And with our cloud-based software, you can deliver real transparency as a company, keeping your customer up to date on deliveries and backorders in real time.

Reduce overhead while simultaneously boosting sales and reinvest those savings in your company. GS Fulfillment helps e-commerce vendors reach their full potential.

Drop shipping can be an amazing method of order fulfillment when it’s set up correctly. Let the drop shipping experts at GS Fulfillment get you set up with a customized plan that meets branding requirements, retail compliance standards, and SLAs. You’ll work with an international shipping agent network with the capacity to handle as many orders as you can send us without needing to worry that they comply with current standards.

Enjoy a simple and time saving method of working in ecommerce
  • Stop worrying about inventory and concentrate on sales
  • Take advantage of volume-based discounts by using carrier partners.
  • Verify every address before you ship, eliminating delays and lost orders.
  • Use the flexibility of drop shipping to test products and trends without a huge financial commitment
  • Ship intelligently, with real time availability reports, delivery prediction, and carrier options
  • Never have to deal with markdowns again
  • Practice cost-effective order packing, with real time availability

Your Retail Partner’s Specifications

Many retail partners have specific requirements for their brand, which can be anything from packing lists to custom labels. Our consultants will make sure every compliance requirement is being met, so you never have to worry about losing a retail partner.

Get Maximum Brand Exposure

Drop shipping allows your company to grow at lightning speed, building brand awareness on multiple channels quickly but without sacrificing your standards or brand reputations. Your brand is only as good as your customers’ best reviews, and with drop shipping, you’ll be able to deliver products promptly and reliably, with delivery transparency and real time inventory reports. Grow your brand without losing your integrity.

International Shipping Made Easy

Be a truly global company, utilizing a worldwide network of agents and strategic inventory locations. Keep your products close to customer markets, or boost efficiency by staying close to your manufacturer.

Connectivity Choices

Grow sales quickly by adding retail channels. Our straightforward software allows you to connect with new partners through pre-built connectors, easy spreadsheet upload, and API.

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