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    How our Process Works

    Get fast, affordable shipping starting at $2/package

    More Than Just Another Number

    We believe each of our clients deserves to be treated as an individual. After all, your company reflects your personal vision and values. So, when you start with us, the first step is to speak with one of our experienced sales consultants. Our consultants know everything there is to know about our logistics and fulfillment services. They’ll go over your needs as a company, then recommend tools to help make your fulfillment process seamless.

    Shipping Account Preferences

    After meeting you and designing the right suite for your needs, we’ll create an account to use with your existing shopping cart software or online marketplace. Our platform works with a wide spectrum of shopping cart software and marketplaces. Then it’s time to pick your packaging! Choose from a variety of materials and boxes, specify any particular packing instructions, and then customize your shipping materials to reflect your brand. Now you’re all set to start fulfilling orders!

    Understand What You’re Working With

    With GS Fulfillment, you get full onboarding services. We partner you with a dedicated team member who will teach you how to use our software to its fullest potential. They’ll lead you through the features that mean the most to your business, and, after onboarding, we’re always here to assist you in fine-tuning your portal experience.