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Virtual US address

The Virtual US address service is perfect for shopping at your favorite online American retailers and avoiding paying exorbitant overseas shipping fees. Use this mail forwarding service for your packages and correspondence.
Buy in the United States with a US address and we’ll ship to you anywhere in the world!

Many American retailers will not ship internationally, which means overseas customers miss out on great deals from their favorite sites. With your USA address, you can shop till you drop at places like Walmart, Best Buy, or eBay. You can even have all your purchases consolidated and shipped to you together. And with GS Fulfillment forwarding services, not having a credit card with a US billing address isn’t a problem. We’ll set up payment options that work for you, and we can even take care of the actual shopping for you!


Get great items shipped directly to you, without paying thousands in fees

When you shop in certain states, you may be able to shop tax-free.

Consolidate your purchases to get the cheapest shipping rates possible

Save up to 80% on shipping costs

Use our discounted shipping partners for the best international rates available
Always know where your purchases are and get inspection photos of the goods before they’re shipped, to verify quality and condition
There’s no cost for set-up and no credit card needed to start an account.

The process

  • Register your American address for free—no costs or obligation
  • Shop! Visit your favorite online stores and use your USA address when purchasing.
  • One of our expert shipping agents will receive your items, inspect them, and take photos. They’ll upload those photos through our cloud-based shipping portal, where you can approve them. Then, if you have other items coming, we’ll keep your purchase in storage for up to three months until we can consolidate them for you.
  • Once you’ve approved the items, you choose your preferred shipping carrier. Our shipping agent will get your items on their way to you immediately.
  • Need it in a hurry? Our express shipping will get your purchases there ASAP.
Sign up for our premium services package for even more perks such as free consolidation, special packaging for fragile items, or more complete inspections.

Shop Your Favorite US Stores and Save Money

  • We dare you to find Rates lower than ours. The competition doesn’t come close.
  • Package consolidation can save you hundreds in shipping fees.
  • Work with reputable international carriers and get preferred member rates.
  • Avoid sales tax by using a USA address located in Montana, New Hampshire, Nevada, Oregon, or Delaware.

Avoid the Stress and Make Shopping Fun Again

It’s no secret that buying products from the US when you live overseas can be complicated and frustrating. US banks may not accept your payment methods and filling out customs paperwork can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer our Personal Shopper service. Simply shop, tell us what you want, and we’ll take it from there. Send us the URLs of items you wish to purchase. Then deposit the appropriate amount of funds in your GS Fulfillment account. We’ll check to make sure the items are still available, then take care of the purchase for you.
Skip the hassle of international purchasing. Once your items arrive at one of our shipping centers, you’ll be able to approve the contents and see real time photos of your purchases. Once we get the okay from you, we’ll send them directly to your door.

Get Updates, Tracking, and More

Our online customer service portal makes it easy to find out the status of your purchase at any time. We can even send you email and SMS updates

Approve your purchases before they even leave the country, with uploaded photos and order details through the portal

If you have questions or issues, our customer service agents are always here to help


Why Can’t I Use a PO Box?

Unfortunately, many retailers will not deliver to PO boxes. That’s why all our shipping agents use real, verified addresses. How do I know how much shipping will be?

What your item costs to ship depends on many factors: size, weight, location, and carrier just to name a few. We offer an online shipping calculator on our website to help you estimate price.

Will I know when my package gets to the shipping agent?

We will always keep you updated throughout the shipping process by email. You can also review your package information and progress through your customer portal.

What happens once you get my item?

To keep the process going smoothly, you must log on to your customer account to review the condition and photos of your package. Once you give us approval and pick a shipping carrier, you then need to fill out your customs paperwork. After that’s done, we’ll get your package in the mail to you right away.

Can I Ship Just Anything?

No, there are restricted or prohibited items we cannot ship for you. Please review the list on our website before making any purchases.

Is it easy to return an item?

To learn how to do a return, visit our Returns Tutorial, available on your customer dashboard.

Can I have items mailed under a different name?

We can handle purchases for multiple names, but before we ship anything you must add their information to your online account for security.

Is US sales tax mandatory everywhere?

In Oregon, Delaware, Montana, Nevada, and New Hampshire, there is no sales tax. However, to take advantage of this, you must have a registered US address in one of those states. Otherwise, when you purchase your item, you will see sales tax added at checkout according to the state your address is listed in.

I bought everything at once, but the retailer sends it out in several packages. Do I have to pay for each of those?

Unfortunately, yes. We charge a $5 processing fee for every package we receive. Before purchasing, check with the retailer and see if there is an option to have everything sent at once.

What is shipping insurance, and do I need it?

The type of insurance available will depend on what carrier you choose. Often when shipping overseas, customers will pick their carrier based on insurance being available. There are generally two kinds of carrier insurance:

  • Delivery insurance is bought on declared value. This will cover the item if it is lost up to the value amount you specify.
  • Delivery and damage insurance not only protects the item if lost but also covers it if it is damaged while getting to you. This is also declared-value insurance.
What is Form 1583?

This form permits us to set-up delivery for you, under your name. It is required by the US Postal Service, and before we can forward any mail, we must have a notarized Form 1583 on file for you.