GS Fulfillment
GS Fulfillment

Who We Are

After years of working in international eCommerce, we found that many overseas businesses were missing out on hundreds of American retailers and distributors because the process is complicated. So, we designed a unique, innovative approach to order fulfillment and shipping that helps our overseas clients use the American market to its full potential. GS Fulfillment was founded to bring expert logistical services and eCommerce business solutions to everyone. Utilizing the power of cloud-based software, our third-party services make distribution across the world worry-free and affordable, no matter the size of your company.
Get access to the US retail market from anywhere in the world

GS Fulfillment was founded by logistics professionals who understand eCommerce and all its challenges. We believe that as a retailer, the key to a reliable supply chain is transparency and trust in your fulfillment service. All our shipping agents are GS Fulfillment employees, with all the training and knowledge needed to help your business thrive. We want your business to grow! And as it does, we’ll be there to support you with scalable order and shipping infrastructure that expands to fit your needs.

The Mission is Simple

Today, customers expect their purchases to show up immediately, thanks to huge marketplaces like Amazon. This changing attitude is leaving thousands of smaller retailers behind because they don't have the fulfillment infrastructure to compete with the online giants. At GS Fulfillment, we strive to give every retailer, no matter its size, the ability and resources to deliver their products efficiently and cost-effectively, making customers happy and keeping your costs down.

Our Promise

At GS Fulfillment, we believe in always striving to do better than we did yesterday. We seek out team members who are committed to excellence and hold ourselves to the same standard. We believe this dedication to value shows in the detailed, reliable, quality services we’re able to offer our customers every day.

We Love Our People

Like any business, we’re only as good as our team members. With GS Fulfillment, you get the support of experienced software engineers, customer service professionals, and logistics masters. We’ve spent years honing our skills to create some of the most challenging systems in the world for leading brands like Walmart and Lyft. Now we’ve applied that optimization technology and machine learning expertise to create an order fulfillment system unlike anything else on the market.

The people behind GS Fulfillment have spent years solving logistics business problems before to create the most challenging systems in the world for leading brands like Walmart and Lyft

It’s All in the Details

You may not think too much about packing tape but your customers do, and we do too. We’re always thinking ahead to try and improve our processes, from packaging to customer transparency. It’s why we offer services like package consolidation to help you save costs, and photo approval for customers through the intuitive dashboard. This detailed, attentive fulfillment process is what customers will remember about their experience in shopping with you, and it’s why they’ll come back again and again.

ECommerce Solutions Built for You

There’s no one else quite like you, and that's what makes your eCommerce business unique as well. We respect that uniqueness, which is why we created customized software solutions designed just for you. Whether you’re in retail, subscriptions, or another business model, our consultants will work with you to identify your needs and tailor our services to match.

A Fast-Growing
Network of Agents

Our innovative approach to order fulfillment has changed the landscape of shipping. Thanks to our network of professional shipping agents located in strategic locations across America, there’s no need for renting warehouses or finding third party storage. Remote shipping gives us, and you, flexibility to grow and expand easily, a quality which has come in handy during the Corona pandemic. Our trained shipping agents work from the convenience of their own homes and give our clients personal access to their packages throughout the process through the cloud-based portal.

Aaron Locascio
CEO of GS Fulfillment

“In order to survive in the competitive and ever-changing eCommerce space, retailers must think outside the box for ways to cut costs while still maintaining customer excellence. Using third-party logistics and fulfillment is a great way for smaller vendors to compete with mega-markets like Amazon, without sacrificing the values that helped them get started. GS Fulfillment offers a powerful logistics platform and distribution chain that allows companies to save overhead, save shipping, save time and money...all while retaining their flexibility and growth goals.”